Linux 2.6.22

July 9th, 2007 by Crusader

Version 2.6.22 of the ubiquitous Linuxkernel has been released for you to compile yourself or await on yourdistribution of choice. The rundown from Linusfollows:

Not a whole lot of changes since -rc7: some small architecture changes(ppc, mips, blackfin), and most of those are defconfig updates. Variousdriver fixes: new PCI ID’s along with some ide, ata and networking fixes(for example – the magic wireless libertas ioctl’s got removed, they maybe re-added later, hopefully in a more generic form, but in the meantimethis doesn’t make a release with new interfaces that aren’t universallyliked).

And various random fixes for regressions and other buglets. Mostly reallysmall “few-liners”..

There’s a granular overview of the changelog at

Download: [ ]

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