QuakeCon Tournaments

July 1st, 2007 by Crusader

The QuakeCon site has been updated witha tournament rundown:

The NVIDIA Championships at QuakeCon 2007will be ground zero for never-before-seen gaming competitions with the firstsanctioned tournament of id Software’s new landmark game, Enemy Territory:QUAKE Wars; and the first ever “Quad Damage” tournament spanning all fourQUAKE games. The tournaments will take place during the 12th annual QuakeConwhich is being held at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas from August 2-5.More than 6,000 gamers from around the world are expected to attend thefour-day event. The total QuakeCon Championship Tournament purse will be$100,000, courtesy of title sponsor NVIDIA.


Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars makes its tournament debut at QuakeCon 2007. 32teams will compete in the incredible battles between Earth’s Global DefenseForce (GDF) and the invading alien Strogg. Each 6-person team will battle itout in a double-elimination bracket-style tournament, with each team havingthe opportunity to both attack and defend. With a focus on objective andclass-based gameplay, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars will test each team’sability to combine skill, strategy, and teamwork in tournament play like neverbefore.

This year brings a new twist to QuakeCon’s classic 1 vs. 1 competition withthe inaugural Quad Damage Tournament. Spanning all four QUAKE games, thisyear’s champion will need to be a master of a variety of weapons, maps, andplay-styles – from QUAKE’s lightening fast action and dominating rocketlauncher, to the more strategic gameplay and precision weapons found in thelater QUAKE games. 256 contestants will be divided into 4 man groups with eachplayer battling the others in a set of round-robin 1 vs 1 matches. Two phasesof round robin play will reduce the competition down to the top 32 players,who will then battle it out in a single-elimination, best of 3 bracket todetermine who is truly the QUAKE Master.

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