Aleph One 0.18.0

June 19th, 2007 by Crusader

Aleph One 0.18.0 was released lastmonth; here’s what’s new:

  • Support for transparent liquids in the software renderer
  • Higher quality sound and music playback
  • Net game lag/OOS improvements
  • Support for multiple texture sets without MML or physics hacks
  • Considerable improvements to the network microphone (including team net micsupport)
  • Configurable volume/inventory/map zoom/fps toggle/chat keys
  • An automatic check for updates when finding Internet games

Aleph One is an open source engine derived from the Marathon 2 codebase, which Bungie released along with thedatafiles for Marathon, Marathon2, and Marathon Infinity. There’s also a great deal of user-created content available.

Download: [ ]

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