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June 14th, 2007 by Crusader

4Front Technologies hasannounced thatthe Open Sound System versionhas beenreleased under the GPL:

Ok. We have made the decision to open source OSS and the announcement will bemade on June 14th 2007. The announcement was supposed to be kept secret but werealized that members of the open source communities may want to give somefeedback before the announcement. So the secret was leaked which proved to bethe right solution.


In addition we will announce our intention to move further development of OpenSound System to a community.


Why do we do this?

First of all we have recognized the benefits of open sourcing to the user andsoftware developer communities. We also believe that with the help of thedeveloper community we can make OSS better than it’s now.

Another reason is that our potential customers currently expect to have accessto the source code.

The source code, documentation, and discussion can be found at their developer site.

3 Responses to “OSS goes OSS”

  1. barrett9h Says:

    ALSA already filled the gap.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ALSA lacks support (or has poor support) for several cards. OSS even has support for the X-Fi in CVS.

    It also lacks a low-latency software mixer.

    OSS is much better in almost every aspect IMO.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    OSS/Lite in the kernel is dead. ALSA is in and has advanced extensible APIs. Full OSS supports loads of more devices.

    What we can hope for is select few ALSA developers devouring the opensourced drivers and writing out ALSA drivers for the devices.

    I thought the low-latency softwares were already pushed to user-space? Like jackd. Also I recall seeing dmix (=ALSA software mixer) but I have no idea of its latency.

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