Blades of Exile GPL’ed

June 11th, 2007 by Crusader

Thanks to Lightkey for pointing out Spiderweb Software has placed theBlades ofExile source code with graphics and sound files under the GPL. It was already released a month earlier under the CPL. The predecessor in thefantasy RPGseries, Exile III: Ruined World,was released for Linux.

Now, ten years later, Blades of Exile is old. Very old. Recent developments inboth the Macintosh and Windows sides of things have left the game no longerfunctioning. We don’t want the game to die, though. Too many people put toomuch time into making adventures to let their work disappear forever.

Therefore, we have released the source code (along with all necessary supportfiles, graphics files, sound effects, etc.) for the Windows and Macintoshversions of Blades of Exile to the world. Do what you want with it (within thesensible legal guidelines described in the license), and have fun.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I actually bought that game for linux, I don’t think I ever beat it, but I got pretty close. It was actually pretty fun if you can get past the graphics. I got to the part where you go into the town and it floods with lava and monsters, very hard.

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