June 6th, 2007 by Marv

Name/Version: ckmame 0.9
Summary: A program to check ROM sets for MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. It tells you which ROM files are missing or have a wrong checksum, and can delete unknown and unused files from the ROM sets, and rename or move ROM files.
Download [ ckmame 0.9 ]

Name/Version: Conquest 8.2
Summary: Conquest is a real-time, multi-player space warfare game. This version represents a major update to Conquest, primarily in the GL client, conquestgl.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Conquest 8.2 ]

Name/Version: GNUSki 0.3
Summary: GNUSki is an open source clone of Skifree, the old Windows game. It currently uses NCurses for graphics.
Download [ GNUSki 0.3 ]

Name/Version: TaxiPilot 0.9.2
Summary: TaxiPilot is a game based on what the author remembered of the Spacetaxi-game on the C64. The objective is to pick up passengers waiting on a number of platforms and to drop them where they want to go.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ TaxiPilot 0.9.2 ]

Name/Version: Tennix r19
Summary: Tennix! is a SDL port of a simple two-player tennis game. It features simple image loading (with all game graphics being customizable by simply editing them with a graphics editor like The GIMP), sound effects, stadium audience sounds, and ball shadows.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Tennix r19 ]

Name/Version: Vertris 0.3.1
Summary: Vertris is a simple cross-platform Tetris clone written in C that uses the Allegro library for graphics. It is covered under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Vertris 0.3.1 ]

Name/Version: Variations on Rockdodger 0.5.3
Summary: Variations on Rockdodger is a quick little game where you guide a space-ship through an asteroid field.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Variations on Rockdodger 0.5.3 ]

Name/Version: Warp Rogue 0.7.7
Summary: Warp Rogue is a gothic science fantasy roguelike game. It is based on pen and paper RPGs and features complex game mechanics and a consistent theme.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Warp Rogue 0.7.7 ]

Name/Version: XPTetris 0.9 Alpha 5
Summary: A playable, Tetris written in Java.
Download [ XPTetris 0.9 Alpha 5 ]

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