Thunder & Lightning 070526

May 27th, 2007 by Marv

Thunder & Lightning, an open source futuristic action flight simulator game, has been updated to release 070526. This release has the following changes:

  • Major enhancements with regard to playability and stability.
  • A tutorial mission!
  • Enhancements to the tank’s artificial intelligence: It is now entirely possible to be shot down by one of them!
  • TnL makes full use of the Io language for scripting. Io’s addons open up possibilities to extend the game in completely unforseen directions.
  • It’s now possible to switch to a free-moving observer mode, even in pause (press ‘V’).
  • Missiles use real-life proportional navigation and have become incredibly dangerous.

Download: [ Thunder & Lightning 070526 Binary Release ] [ Thunder & Lightning 070526 RPM Release ]

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