Outer Space 0.5.63

May 27th, 2007 by Marv

Version 0.5.63 of Outer Space, on-line strategy game where your goal is to expand your empire, construct buildings and ships, command large fleets, negotiate diplomatic relations with other commanders, has been released.Changes in this release include:

  • Increased attack/defense of Mind Linked Cockpit/Bridge/Command Deck. [Qark]
  • Added Advanced Stealth Module for Human. [Qark]
  • Increased output of Lab Complex to address higher number of techs. [Qark]
  • Added “Fleet Details” dialog [Random Chaos] [SF#1724110]
  • Fixed SetFocus on Starmap bug (for hotkeys) [Random Chaos] [SF#1723895]
  • updated Czech translation for new code (Hotkey, Buoys) [PeS]
  • disable auto-login when no remember-password on [PeS]
  • new option in defaults – DisplayeHelp, used now only in Hotkey system [PeS]
  • slightly changed BuoyDlg to fit czech translation [PeS]
  • setFocus in SearchDlg [PeS]
  • Added scanner-pact based Buoy [Random Chaos] [SF#1723165]
  • Fixed bug in RememberPassword [PeS]
  • code cleanup in LoginDlg (removed really old, commented out code) [PeS]
  • Added strategic resource information in TechInfoDlg [Anderuso]
  • Added “Hotkey” system of focus/activate object (Ctrl+num sets object, num activates object, Shift+num focuses on object) [Random Chaos] [SF#1717157]
  • Added equipment limiter for signature. Best negative signature device used; others ignored. [Random Chaos] [SF#1718045]
  • Added authorship on buoy detail view [Random Chaos] [SF#1480688]
  • Fixed missing Buoy icons [Random Chaos]
  • Updated Czech translations [PeS]
  • Added Slots column in Planet Overview [PeS]
  • Removed Czech nationals characters from server code. [Qark] [SF#1722181]
  • Added JSON-encoded stats page (website/{game}/json.txt) [Random Chaos] [SF#1722186]
  • Added System Overview dialog [Random Chaos] [SF#1651099]
  • -Fixed display bug with TechInfo dialog for “Extra” ATT and DEF attributes [Random Chaos]
  • Fixed “stealth” bug with small hulls (techs did not have minsignature attributes) [Random Chaos]
  • Added Solar Factory. [Qark]

Download: [ Outer Space 0.5.63 ]

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