Tribal Trouble v1.9

May 26th, 2007 by Crusader

A new build of Tribal Trouble has now been released. In version 1.9, the network code has been significantly optimized so multiplayer games will perfom better and lag a lot less. As a result of 3D rendering optimizations, each player can now have 250 units. This release also adds the possibility of changing game speed during a multiplayer game as well as some bug fixes. More details:

  • Network optimized: As a result of major optimizations, the lag in multiplayer games has been reduced significantly.
  • Rendering optimized: Optimizations in the 3D rendering will make the game even faster and better able to handle a great number of units on the island. The maximum number of units per player has been increased to 250 now.
  • Game speed: The game speed can now be changed during a multiplayer game. All players just have to set the same speed and it will change.
  • Bug fix: Camera could penetrate the landscape in special cases.
  • Bug fix: Game crashed if the default OS language wasn’t available.

Tribal Trouble is anaward-winning3D real-time strategy game from Oddlabs.

Screenshots: [ View ] Download: [ Demo | Full Version ($29.95 USD) ]

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