Regnum Online Goes Live

May 26th, 2007 by Crusader

Regnum Online, a fantasy-themed massive multiplayer online role-playing game which focuses on warfare between three kingdoms, is now out of beta. All characters will be reset to level one, and premium content is available for purchase.

The core game is free to play, and although Regnum is out of beta, the Linux client is still considered experimental. Support can be found on the messageboards.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I hate programs that try to appeal to international audience but have a default language other than English. Here we have a great example once again, neither the website nor the program itself are in English by default. What’s the logic behind that? Yeah, it’s not that big deal, but it’s very annoying and gives the idea that it’s only meant for those that can speak the language.

    And no, I’m not a native English speaker myself, and I hate the programs that have my language as a default as much as I hate the others. Maybe even more.

  2. kccricket Says:

    What? I visit and it definitely presents me with a website in English.

    I think the default language in everything should be lojban[1].


  3. Anonymous Says:

    It has a screwy redirect, the first time i clicked it was espanol the second time was english. Same thing with the nabiztag site it goes from french to english almost randomly, it’s called bad web design.

  4. obsidian Says:

    And runs incredibly well even on my olde router with a Geforce 4MX and 512MB RAM.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    If you hate a program just for that, well, Im quite sure you are going to have a lot of trouble living in this world.

    And for christ sake, it’s a free game and im sure its underbudget, give them a freaking break. Its still buggy, it does not default to your preferred language, so what… just go and click on the american flag, I would say I hate it when people complain about such trivial things but then again, I would have a hard time living along everybody else as well…

    Regards and don’t take it personally, its just a game.

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