May 23rd, 2007 by Crusader

Ryan “icculus” Gordon e-mailed theloki_setup mailing list toannounce anewinstaller project:

By the time I mapped out an ideal loki_setup, it wasn’tloki_setup at all anymore.

So I started from scratch.

I’ve been making good progress on this (I’m calling it “MojoSetup” atthe moment), and while there is still much to be done, I feel it’sfinally ready to show to the public.


You can grab MojoSetup from Subversion here:


…and get on the MojoSetup mailing list by sending a blank email … I figure MojoSetup will be ofserious interest to loki_setup users, which is why I’m posting thisannouncement here, but ongoing discussion probably shouldn’t happen onthis list.

As a test project, I have a build of Duke Nukem 3D for Linux up fordownload:

The installer is a 132 kilobyte download, which can then either installthe shareware version by downloading the data at runtime, or install thefull game off a retail disc. The config file for the installer is inthere, too, so you can get an ideal of what rolling your own would be like.

The UI is really rough at the moment and there are some other bugs, too.There are some obvious features of loki_setup that aren’t yet availablein MojoSetup, and the documentation is completely non-existent at thistime…but it gives you an idea of what I’m going for here.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    It would be nice if it was wrapped in a script, so running sh installer.bin would start it…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It would be even better if just clicking the file would start it. Which requires the installer engine to be installed on the machine already. Which means distros should be packaging this by default (once its ready).

    It would be awesome replacement for broken over-engineered designs like Autopackage, too.

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