April 16th, 2007 by TimeDoctor

The ads on have changed slightly, but you shouldn’t see any more pop-up ads. Please comment if you have any issues. Also, have been spamming our user submitted news form constantly with non-linux gaming news. We politely asked them to stop, and got no reply. If anyone reads the site and works for them, please either get in contact with me (, or just stop spamming our submit form. Also, Cold War is an awesome game. That is all.

3 Responses to “ Errata”

  1. grifter Says:

    are there any more radio shows planned in the near future?

  2. zakk Says:

    Sorry about that, I really need to replace some equipment. I just haven’t had the time or money to do so.

  3. Slacker Says:

    I don’t have any troubles with the new placement of the ads. At work, where we have to use IE, I find it better coming to the site without the pop-up thing coming in the bar. At home, it was never an issue there with the browser.

    Oh yeah… Cold War is a very cool game. :)

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