Stendhal 0.59

April 16th, 2007 by Marv

Stendhal, a MMORPG which takes advantage of Marauroa, a multiplayer online engine server, has released a new version. Changes in version 0.59 of Stendhal includes:

  • A scoring system was introduced in deathmatch instead of XP.
  • A quest to deliver pizza to several NPCs was added
  • A sunny island and a new quest on it were added.
  • Blackjack gambling on the ferry was added.
  • Adrow attack to nalwor was added.
  • Fishing spots and a fishing rod were added.
  • Gold sources, gold nuggets, and gold bars which can be cast by the goldsmith in Ados were added.
  • A daily item quest from the Ados mayor and a quest to get the keyring were activated.

Download: [ Stendhal 0.59 ]

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