GPU Access on the PS3?

April 5th, 2007 by Crusader

Missed this earlier: there’s a video interviewat with Kai Staatsof Terra Soft Solutions aboutYellow Dog Linuxon the Sony PlayStation3. Currently there is no way to access the system’s GPU (the NVIDIA RSX) from Linux, but Staats saysthey are working to make that available so that games aren’t restricted to theframebuffer.

If you want to start programming on your PS3 in the meantime, IBM has an updated SDK and documentation available at their Cell Broadband Engine resource center.

3 Responses to “GPU Access on the PS3?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Really the big thing is to be able to access that 256MB DDR3 buffer that’s available through the RSX. Perhaps that requires direct access to the RSX itself then?

  2. Beolach Says:

    Kinda OT from Linux Games, but does anyone know if there’s a Linux folding@home client for the PS3? I know there’s a PS3 client that uses the cell processor, but I don’t know if it’ll run if the PS3 is booted into Linux.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Just to be clear for anyone reading this Folding@home already runs from the PS3 *firmware / Playstation OS. You don’t even need Linux on there for it. If you want to run it inside PS3 Linux you may be able to do that later as well — I’d suggest emailing the team. They seem to be very ‘helpful’ with providing clients as they want free processing. ^^

    People want RSX access for OpenGL and accelerated rendering first and foremost. GP-GPU isn’t all that to begin with unless you have a very narrow scope problem that needs a DSP, and you already have CELL access.

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