VDrift 2007-03-23

April 5th, 2007 by Crusader

After nearly 6 months of development, a new version of VDrift, an open source driving simulation that empasizes drift racing, is out. After the release, many users had problems with the Linux binary package, but this has been fixed thanks to help from the autopackage developers. Please read the Release Notes and update for more information.


  • Game: single race mode, artificial intelligence drivers, opponent selection, optional track reversal, race results
  • Display options: anisotropic filtering, full-scene antialiasing, cube-mapped lighting, cube-mapped dynamic reflections
  • Heads up display: track map, laps, position, opponent lap time
  • Controls: experimental force feedback support, antilock braking (ABS), traction control (TCS), button control delay, independent deadzone gain & exponent settings on every assigned analog control, tunable speed sensitive steering
  • Other stuff: unlimited replay recording, menu cleanup, lots of bugfixes, major packaging improvements, 5 new tracks, 6 new cars, new documenation wiki at

For information on getting the source, or the autopackage with all the data, please see the Release Notes.

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