ETQW and Plot

February 27th, 2007 by Crusader

The SplashDamage Blog (which moved to myspace after some downtime at their official website) has an updatedevoted to Enemy Territory: QuakeWars’ genesis and backstory:

Firstly, by setting the game in the Quake universe and charting the Strogg invasion of Earth (as a prequel to the Quake series of single-player games), we’d have another great multiplayer environment to build the game in (as with World War II for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory). This new futuristic setting provided a great backdrop to paint the Strogg against, inspiring lots of interesting new objectives, especially relating to how Earth’s Global Defense Force was eventually able to retaliate against Stroggos in Quake 2 with their discovery of Strogg ‘Slipgate’ technology.

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