Quake Miscellany

February 6th, 2007 by Crusader

There’s been a lot of news related to the various iterations of Quake Ihaven’t gotten to yet; apologies for the delays:

  • Congratulations to id Softwareand John Carmack for winning two Emmy awards from the National Academy ofTelevision Arts and Sciences in recognition of their pioneering work in 3Dengine development and rendering breakthroughs.
  • Community level designers have submitted 34 maps to id for the Quake 4 Community Map Pak contest;the maplist will be whittled down to a dozen or so eventually, but id hasreleased all of the submissions for play prior to voting. [ Download ]
  • There’s also discussion about the map pack entries at Quake3bitsand MyLyCon’s Domain.
  • ComputerGames Online conducted an interview with Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgewoodconcerning the upcoming multiplayer shooter Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Thegame’s backstory and gameplay nuances are discussed.
  • Finally, GameInformer recently interviewed id’s Carmack and Todd Hollenshead about amyriad of topics, such as id’s current (and unannounced) internal project.

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  1. barrett9h Says:

    For CTF, I’m awaiting to see a map that gets close to the perfection of Alliance’s “Feel the Base” (actf38).

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