Linspire Releases CNR

January 28th, 2007 by Crusader let us know that the desktop-oriented Linux distributor Linspire has announced plans described as a new “CNR for all” warehouse. Click ‘N Run is Linspire’s one-click installation program that downloads software, resolves dependencies, and installs and removes applications. While CNR is currently available to users of its commercial distribution, Linspire, and its free cousin, Freespire, the company plans to release an open source plugin that will allow users of both Red Hat and Debian-based distributions to install software uniformly.

The press release elaborates a bit:

The new multi-distribution CNR technology standardizes the installation process for the user without requiring a new or altered packaging system. CNR uses standard .deb and .rpm files, while shielding the user from the complexity of these packaging systems. This allows developers to continue using their same packaging methods, and the different distributions can continue with their normal release management practices. By building CNR around existing packaging systems, it also brings the silos of tens of thousands of quality Linux applications immediately into the CNR system. CNR adds server and client side intelligence to overcome any dependency challenges presented by the current packaging systems, but without the need for altering these ubiquitous systems. will also bring more choices for users to purchase premium products and services, such as legally licensed DVD Players, Sun’s StarOffice, Win4Lin Pro, CodeWeavers’ CrossoverOffice, TransGaming’s Cedega, as well as numerous other commercial software applications from various categories including, media playback, personal and business productivity, finances, virtualization, development tools and games. CNR will also allow users quick access to multimedia codecs and hardware drivers, bringing one-click support for MP3, Windows Media, Quick Time, Java, Flash, ATI and nVidia graphics, and so on. also has some quotes from the Debian project about this news.

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