KardsGT 0.4

January 19th, 2007 by Crusader

Version 0.4 of KardsGT is now available; changes include the addition of Cribbage, Hearts, Spades, and War. There are also 5 AI opponents.

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2 Responses to “KardsGT 0.4”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe one of their goals should be ‘Have it not look like ***.’

    I understand they aren’t artists, and I don’t expect them to be, but even programmatic things like making the size of the card fit the contents are wrong. (The bottom and right seem to be cut off of each card.) And that cribbage board is just shameful.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Chalk this one up as yet another awesome KDE Game :) Seriously KGames are so ugly they are not even playable, as you cannot stand to look at the screen long enough to make a move! KDE 4.0 screenshots seem to show they are taking a new direction and are looking very good.

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