WorldForge Cyphesis 0.5.11 Released

January 23rd, 2007 by Crusader

The WorldForge project has announced that Cyphesis version 0.5.11 has been released; Cyphesis is a small to medium scale server for WorldForge games, with built-in AI. This version includes the demo game Mason which is currently in development. This release is intended for server administrators wishing to run a Mason server and World developers developing new worlds or game systems. Changes include:

  • A new subsystem has been implemented to handle clothing and equipment attached visibly to avatars and NPCs.
  • Crowding of unused characters round the spawn location has been solved.
  • Each build now has a unique identifier, making it easier to track what a server is running.
  • A number of dangerous race conditions have been removed.
  • Python 2.5 is now supported.
  • Test coverage has been massively improved.
  • Inline code documentation coverage has been improved.
  • Lots of bugs and memory leaks have been fixed.

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