Thousand Parsec game project announces an AI Programming Competition

January 21st, 2007 by Marv

We have received this press release on the Thousand Parsec announcement of an AI Programming Competition

Would you like to take a shot at game programming and win some cool prizes? Thousand Parsec, an open source game project aiming to create 4X space empire building strategy games (similar to Stars! and Galactic Civilizations), is running an AI Programming Competition. Code in C++, Python and Ruby is preferred, but you can use any other language.

Interested programmers who have spare time may wish to get involved in this as the prizes including the grand prize of the following: $AUD 300 in cold hard cash, “Artwork of Thousand Parsec” Wall Calender, Signed Thousand Parsec T-Shirt and Custom Thousand Parsec Mug.

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