Retrovirus RTS Available For GP2X Users

January 13th, 2007 by micks

Real-time strategy games fans who happen to own the fabled GP2X handheld video game console rejoice at the (now somewhat stale) news of Up Multimedia‘s (= Luke Miller’s) new RTS game Retrovirus RTS being avaliable now from their favourite GP2X online store for the equivalent of $15.

The game takes you on a journey into the human body’s microcosm (somewhat in the spirit of Innerspace, or, in the unlikely case you can actually remember, Fantastic Voyage). Your specially trained cells harvest proteins, multiply, upgrade and, most importantly, fight alien patogens which invaded the bodies of three hapless astronauts. The game boasts 22 level in 3 campaigns, advanced enemy AI and a special system of rewards which is said to greatly attribute to Retrovirus’ overall replay value. The game appears to be written in the Python programming language, with a demo version available for those who like to try before they buy (don’t forget to place the retrovirusRTS directory in the root directory of your SD card, otherwise it won’t work). Retrovirus RTS comes free of any DRM restrictions.

Download: [ Retrovirus RTS free demo | screenshots ]

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