Tribal Trouble Updated To Version 1.5

January 13th, 2007 by micks

Since I’m pretty sure you have already downloaded and listened to the “Chinese Water Torture Episode” of the LinuxGames podcast, you probably know there were certain words of affection spoken towards Tribal Trouble and its creators, Oddlabs. The game is fun and Oddlabs keep releasing new versions, addressing any outstanding issues while bringing in new features. Some of the new 1.5 version’s highlights include:

  • Italian: Tribal Trouble is now available in the Italian language, courtesy of the fine folks over at
  • Smooth Camera: The camera has been improved so the movements are more smooth and pleasant to look at.
  • Chat readability: In-game chat messages are now shown in a small box making them easier to read.
  • … and several bugfixes.

Check out the official site for more details.

Download [ Tribal Trouble 1.5 demo ] or Buy [ full version ] from TuxGames ($30)

7 Responses to “Tribal Trouble Updated To Version 1.5”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This company really seem to support there products. That’s one of the reasons I just ordered the game. Runesoft, watch and learn!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yup they have been tweaking, tuning the game for a while, great is very nicely balanced now.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is a great looking game! Installed easily and runs great on my Debian amd64 box. I’m gonna buy it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    While I love that they support their products so well, this game is just really bad. Maybe I was playing a different game than all of you, but the lack in choice of units and god awful unit movement makes this one of the worst RTS’ I’ve ever played. Maybe I’m missing something?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    cound be more units but that don’t make it a bad game I think

  6. Svartalf_ Says:


    1) Lack of choice in units doesn’t make for a poor RTS.
    2) The “godawful” unit movement is probably due to their statement that the units are supposed to be “somewhat clueless” to begin with.

    Not everything that’s RTS is supposed to be like Warcraft, Starcraft, or Command and Conquer. I suspect, based on your evaluation of things, that you’re looking for more something along those lines. You probably should have stuck to that sort of statement- because that’d been more accurate than what you came up with. Not everything RTS is something along the lines of Warcraft.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t get me wrong I like the idea that units don’t always do what you want. I also know that amount of units don’t make a game fun. I just stated what I thought this game lacked that made it not fun. I don’t need an over the top RTS to have fun, but I do need something that works well together not against itself.

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