January 8th, 2007 by Crusader

A reader pointed out this article reporting HoplonInfotainment is developing a science-fiction MMOG calledTaikodom:

Hoplon runs Linux exclusively on its servers and on themajority of developer workstations. The production environment runs on a IBMSystem z mainframe running Linux virtual servers. Hoplon’s server farmincludes virtual machines running SUSE 10 on the mainframe, and standaloneservers running Debian, Fedora, and Red Hat. “There are also those of us whoare fond of Ubuntu for personal use,” says Hoplon CEO Tarquinio Teles.

Teles says the company has been building the Taikodom infrastructure sinceearly 2005. Building an MMOG on open source software isn’t without challenges.”I must say, open source covers a lot of ground,” says Teles. “There areexcellent, blow-your-head-off applications you fall deeply in love with, andunfortunately, there are poorly architected and documented solutions. You haveto pick and choose.”

They also mention several open-source tools they utilize for development:

The article and the Taikodom website don’t seem to mention a Linux client (I can’tread Porteguese though so I may have missed something), but given the emphasison the Linux platform on the production-side, I would be fairly shocked if itdidn’t happen. Either way, I’ll try and find out for y’all :)

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The site says that currently there’s no client (for any OS/Platform) the only thing is a techdemo and a beta testing program that you have to sign up for.

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