December 17th, 2006 by Marv

Name/Version: Cultivation Version 6
Summary: Cultivation is a game about a community of gardeners growing food for themselves in a shared space.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Cultivation Version 6 ]

Name/Version: Nazghul 0.5.5
Summary: Nazghul is a computer role-playing game (CRPG) engine
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Nazghul 0.5.5 ]

Name/Version: Pang Zero 0.18XMAS
Summary: Pang Zero is a clone of Super Pang, a fast-paced action game that involves popping balloons with a harpoon.Changes in this release include:Two new ball types are the Seeker Ball, which tracks the player, and the Water Ball, which floods everything with little balls. There are three new weapons: the power wire, the machine gun, and the “Half Cutter”. There’s a new difficulty level for the lovers of Death Balls, and also some bugfixes, improvements to the menu, and visual enhancements.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Pang Zero 0.18XMAS ]

Name/Version: Tux Math Scrabble 3.0.4
Summary: Tux Math Scrabble is a math version of the popular board game for education. The game challenges young people to construct compound equations and consider multiple abstract possibilities.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Tux Math Scrabble 3.0.4 ]

Name/Version: Tux Math Scrabble 0.3a
Summary: TuxWordSmith is a sister application to TuxMathScrabble. It uses XDXF dictionaries to let you play Word Scrabble against the computer. It currently uses the Oxford English Dictionary and is built atop the EduApp framework. It also has a screensaver mode where two computer players play endless Scrabble.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Tux Math Scrabble 0.3a ]

Name/Version: Zatacka 0.1.6-1
Summary: Zatacka is an arcade multiplayer game for 2-6 players on one keyboard, clone of Achtung die Kurve classical dos game. You handle yor line and you must sidetrack lines of other players and of course walls. When some player dies, survival gets one point. When leaves only one player alive, the round is finished. Each game has eleven rounds.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Zatacka 0.1.6-1 ]

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