Quetoo 0.5.1

November 30th, 2006 by Marv

Quetoo, a security consciences port of the Quake 2 engine thats source code was released by id Sofware, has been updated to release 0.5.1. Changes and enhancements in this release include:

  • -Refuse connections for clients with empty or invalid userinfo strings.
  • -Refuse connections for clients stuffing xFF in userinfo strings.
  • -Refuse connections for clients stuffing IP address in userinfo strings.
  • -Fix bug where valid clients can be overwritten by reconnect challenges.
  • -Drop clients who provide empty or invalid userinfo.
  • -Drop clients who stuff xFF into userinfo or stringcmd.
  • -Drop clients who request negative baselines or configstrings offset.
  • -Drop clients who request illegal download offset or filename.
  • -Drop clients who issue multiple begins when spawned.
  • -Drop clients who issue illegal player movement commands.
  • -Catch buffer overflows in command token parsing.
  • -Added SV_KickClient(client_t *cl, char *msg). NULL msg is fine.
  • -Added SV_ClientAdrToString(client_t *cl) for printing client IPs.
  • -Removed checksum validation of player movement.
  • -Dedicated servers may now host demos.
  • -Added s_ambient to toggle ambient (world) sounds. Defaults to 1 (on).
  • -Fixed gl_texturemode default value.

Download: [ Quetoo 0.5.1 ]

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