Crystal Space 1.0RC1

December 17th, 2006 by Crusader

The first candidate release for Crystal Space, an open source and portable 3D engine framework, was made available last month. Features include:

  • Support for OpenGL rendering with CG and ARB shaders (both vertex and fragment shaders).
  • Support for lightmaps or hardware based lighting and shadows.
  • Powerful terrain engine with support for dynamic LOD, material blending, and scattering.
  • Skeletal animation system using the CAL3D library or with built-in system.
  • Physics using ODE library.
  • 3D sound system.
  • Scripting system with support for Python, Perl, and Java. You can access the full Crystal Space API from those languages.
  • Powerful plugin system allowing you to make your own extensions to Crystal Space.
  • Optional visibility culling system based on coverage maps.
  • Optionally you can use portals to subdivide your maps. Portals can also ‘warp space’. By using this trick you can (for example) make mirrors.
  • Optional software renderer.
  • Built-in window system based on CEGUI.
  • Very good support for Blender through the Blender2crystal exporter plugin.

Additionally, there’s the Crystal Entity Layer, an open source 3D game framework which sits on top of Crystal Space and adds the notion of ‘game entities’ or ‘game objects’, and the CelStart project, which is a scripting game environment.

If you have a problem with Crystal Space or Crystal Entity Layer you can do one of the following:

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