PyScrabble 1.5

November 18th, 2006 by Marv

PyScrabble has been updated to release 1.5. This online, multiplayer scrabble program written in Python has the folllowing changes :

  • The server now uses (and requires) ZODB as a backend for storing user/stat/game information. This should vastly improve the integrity and portability of the data. Run the db_upgrade script to upgrade the old database to the new one.
  • Added server version to server info
  • Improved logging
  • HTTP Proxy Support
  • Support for adding additional hosts to list when registering
  • Improved locale handling
  • Renamed to to avoid naming conflicts
  • Fix for 1564444. Improved unicode support
  • New german words
  • Serbian translation

Screenshots: [ View ]Download: [ PyScrabble 1.5 ]

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