Tribal Trouble Updates

November 19th, 2006 by Crusader

Oddlabs sent in the following update concerning their award-winning RTS Tribal Trouble:

Since the release of Tribal Trouble, Oddlabs has improved a lot on the game. Besides increased stability and initiatives against multiplayer exploits, here are a few of the latest improvements which may be of interest to your readers:

- Cheat codes: Now it is possible for yourself to decide what units you want and when you want them! When cheat mode is enabled, you can create or destroy units with a single keypress. You can also view the island the way only the developers have been able to until now! Learn more here:

- Peon hiding: Now you no longer have to spend minutes scouting for that last peon your losing enemy has hidden in the forrest. If the enemy has no buildings left, the remaining units will be revealed in the map mode!

Other features:

  • Battle your computer or test your skills against other players online!
  • Help out the Vikings and Natives in the campaigns – lots of challenging missions await!
  • Frantic tribal warfare – up to 6 players and hundreds of units at the same time!
  • Endless supply of autogenerated islands to raid!

Screenshots: [ View ] Download: [ Demo | Full Version ($29.95 USD) ]

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