Soviet Unterzögersdorf

October 31st, 2006 by Crusader

I can’t recall where I first read about this game, but it’s beenout for a while: SovietUnterzögersdorf is an adventure game created by the art-tech-philosophygroup monochrom set in afictional “lastexisting appanage republic of the USSR”. Soviet Unterzögersdorf was developedwith Adventure Game Studio(there’s only a Linux port ofthe engine, not the editor, unfortunately); the story page relays someadditional info:

Taking on the role of the protagonist, the player’s task is to search forsolutions level by level. These solutions will subsequently develop thenarration and plot of the game. In recent years this kind of game hasn’t beenselling to well: action and combat games have taken over. Less than 1% of allcomputer games written in 2004 were adventure games. To monochrom it was clearthat an almost extinct form of computer game would provide the perfect mediaplatform to communicate the idea of Soviet Unterzögersdorf.

Note that the default language is Russian with German subtitles, but you canuse the setup program to change the subtitle language to English.

Screenshot: [ View] Download: [ ]

4 Responses to “Soviet Unterzögersdorf”

  1. SpoonMeiser Says:

    Flicking through my RSS feeds and noticed Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, and thought that finally they’d released sector 2!

    But no… You’ve got me all excited for nothing!

    But for anyone who hasn’t played this game, download and play it now, it is awesome! Remeniscent of old adventure games in style, and excellent humour.

    I e-mailed the developers a while back and the assured me that they are still working on sector 2, but just that it takes a long time.

  2. root_42 Says:

    Looks hilarious — with the photographed settings. Will definitely try it out sometime. Hmm… always was a dream of mine to write a general adventure engine, of course as open source… I just love adventures.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Just played the first part through. Laughed my ass off the whole way! Great humor and some good political (that word often leaves a bad taste in my mouth) messages too. Despite being from the U.S. I really felt this game expressed a lot of how I feel about the whole mess they call the U.S. Govmn’t. Didn’t take me long to figure out what to do with the flag, he he (what else can one do against imperialism?). Its good to remember that people aren’t their governments. I only wish all these crazy politicians would just get naked and fight it out in a mud pit or something instead of sending young people off to kill others in some foreign land and then tell the world that we’re liber’atin and bring’n free’dom. The more money/greed the more suffering.

    Anyways, the Negativland song on the “Audio-Transmission-Unit” was a nice surprise and brought back some memories.

    Can’t wait till sector 2!

  4. Anonymous Says:

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