ATI Assimilated

October 31st, 2006 by Crusader

As the new ATI site design implies, the graphics chipset manufacturer has been incorporated into AMD. The press release also mentions their future plans:

AMD plans to create a new class of x86 processor that integrates the central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) at the silicon level with a broad set of design initiatives collectively codenamed “Fusion.” AMD intends to design Fusion processors to provide step-function increases in performance-per-watt relative to today’s CPU-only architectures, and to provide the best customer experience in a world increasingly reliant upon 3D graphics, digital media and high-performance computing. With Fusion processors, AMD will continue to promote an open platform and encourage companies throughout the ecosystem to create innovative new co-processing solutions aimed at further optimizing specific workloads. AMD-powered Fusion platforms will continue to fully support high-end discrete graphics, physics accelerators, and other PCI Express-based solutions to meet the ever-increasing needs of the most demanding enthusiast end-users.

Hopefully the “open platform” statement pans out as more than just lip service :)

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  1. Svartalf_ Says:

    They’ve had the changes on both of their websites since about Wednesday of last week…

    Ah, well, can’t have everything… Like you said, though, I hope they mean to keep the Open claim truthful and open up the tech a little more or do at least like Intel and offer up a mostly open driver with only things like Macrovision control being proprietary… Would be nice.

  2. DGilbert Says:

    I really hope that they do keep (make) things open, at the very least make comprehensive documentation available.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    AMD and even Intel are very Linux oriented companies
    they both trying to get the best support of their platform in Linux. AMD is even researching last months on XEN Linux virtualisation systems to get new AMD processors better support of it. So I have good hope that AMD will have good influence on ATI, and their bad politics in support for Linux.

  4. Logy Says:

    [q]In the beginning there was Loki. They were cool, but they went out of business.



    Then there’s CrossOver Linux. I got Worlds of Warcraft to work on that! Yay!



    But then there’s Cedega. I couldn’t get Worlds of Warcraft to work on that! Boo!



    So if you want to play Windows games, buy Windows!

    I actually agree on what I guess was the only point of the article: If you want to play Windows games, install Windows.

    But the article should have been titled “Why Gaming Sucks On Linux if You Want to Play Worlds of Warcraft”. It was so content-free that if it was food, it would be styrofoam peanuts.

  5. Logy Says:

    How the hell did I post that reply in this thread?

    Oh, yeah… I’m a moron.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Windows are where games are played.

    But if you to get work done, you’re fucked.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ATi is dead. In little less than 2 years, no more discrete cards from them. SO, who exactly is left to offer up the real competition for NVidia? Noone that’s who.

    Say goodbye to ‘X done in-hardware’ computing and hello to the new age of ‘hardware-assisted’… but if you’ve been paying attention then you’ve already noticed this w/ scsi>ata and fixed-TNL>’GeePeeYew’.

    It’s a ‘this feature done-in-software’ world, because it makes more business sense (makes THEM more $), not because it’s better.

    Somebody gimme my dos box back!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Time to scavenge those ATI logos and other wares ;)

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