GP2X Firmware 2.1.0

October 25th, 2006 by TimeDoctor

GP2X firmware got an update recently. Enormous changelog follows:

  • 1) Eliminated flicking on MENU screen after booting
  • a) The flicking occured in the process of changing CPU clock from 200MHz to 100MHz in order to save electricity.
  • b) By removing the process of changing clock, flicking was eliminated.
  • 2) Improved Movie Player
  • a) Playback of 120FPS(24/30FPS variable frame compatible) video which is frequently used in DVD animation etc become possible.
  • b) Solved the problem of asynchronized captions when continuous playback of video files posessing different FPS.
  • c) In case of bookmarking, playback starting point shall be a few seconds earlier to the bookmarked point (formerly it was a little later)
  • d) Eliminated freezing which rarely occurred during playback of large size file. According to our own test with AC adaptor, we made sure of 48 hours of repeated playback without stopping or freezing.
  • e) Solved the problem of discontinued image when restarting playback after pause in case of playback of XVID file.
  • f) In case of video image searching, the bar shall start from the current image. Formerly it started from bookmarkd point or the beginning.
  • g) You can set brightness and contrast. Setting shall be done in the MENU of Setting LCD.
  • 3) Improved Music player
  • a) Solved the problem of stopping instead of playing next music in case of shuffle(random) playback when only one playable file exists in the folder.
  • b) When file contains ID3(comment in case of OGG) information, you can choose whether to indicate or not according to ID3 TAG On/Off options.
  • d) Repeating method was changed: When is not selected, all the files in the folder shall be played back in turn.
  • When is selected, only the current music shall be repeated.
  • 4) E-book reader
  • a) Bookmarks were increased from existing 5 to 25 bookmarks.
  • b) Extended the limit of file size to be read by revising limit of lines. Our own test showed that up to 4MB (170,000 lines) could be read.
  • c) When moving pages with L, R buttons while pressing SELECT button, 1,000 lines shall be moved at a time so that you may easily reach the page you want to read.
  • 5) Change of UI image format
  • a) UI image format was changed for the sake of skin change function which is scheduled in the next firmware.
  • Existing skins cannot be used in 2.1.0.
  • 6) Addition of skin selector
  • a) If you put skin files for exclusive use in GP2X into skin folder in NAND, you can select and implement at Skin Setting in Setting System.

GP2X 2.1.0 Firmware Download

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