ATI Display Driver 8.29.6

September 21st, 2006 by micks

Lightkey has recently left us in an attempt to conquer several countries in Central Europe on his new bicycle, therefore I step in to bring you the news about the latest ATI display driver, version 8.29.6. If you happen to own one of the following products

  • Radeon® 8500/9000/9100/9200/9250
  • Mobility™ Radeon® 9000/9100/9200
  • Radeon® IGP 9000/9100/9200

you can forget about downloading, as the support for these older cards has been cancelled and there seem to be no plans for anything of the NVIDIA‘s legacy driver sort, so you can either stick to the previous release or choose the free-as-in-speech drivers provided by your favourite distribution.

In other news, the 2.6.18 kernel is now officially supported and several bugs have been resolved. The fine folks over at Phoronix have some warm, affectionate words on the driver to share, so you might want to look at those as well.

Download: [ ATI Display Driver 8.29.6 ]

11 Responses to “ATI Display Driver 8.29.6”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Spare the hassle, install NVIDIA.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, no, wait. They decided to remove chipset support and improve the configuration tool rather than fix serious bugs.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Got a warm fuzzy when I saw Mobility™ Radeon® 9000 listed, but it was quickly shattered.

    When work gets me a free laptop I guess I can’t complain…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This didn’t have anything to do with Mesa DRI actually being better than fglrx for R200 now did it? :)

  5. root_42 Says:

    And here I was, always supporting ATIs efforts… Tsktsk… I bought my R280 a bit more than a year ago. I don’t care when they introduced the chip, as long as I can still buy it I want bugfixes and updated drivers to make it work. Well, time to either try out DRI again (which was somehow broken last time I tried) or buy a cheap nvidia. I am glad that on work we only got nvidia…

  6. kingron Says:

    i don’t get the it….why NVIDIA legacy driver ?
    what has nvidia to do with the ati cards?

  7. micks Says:

    Much like ATI, NVIDIA discontinued support for some of their older chipsets in the main driver branch, but they continue providing a “legacy driver” for those products with occasional introduction of bug fixes and modern features ( 7.0+ support, etc.). It does not seem like ATI is planning anything of the sort, where the fact that free MESA drivers for the R200 line of products are comparable (if not better, as was already suggested in one of the comments) with past versions of the ATI’s proprietary driver might certainly play a role.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Nvidia – the only way it can be played ™

  9. Anonymous Says:

    All manner of open-source support on a graphics adapter must be with ATI’s Radeon and the undead 3Dfx Voodoo hardware. On confirmed hardware, it is stable and forthcoming. I’m unhappy to see ATI ditch their product, whereas it was the greater product that pronounced ATI greater quality (and price) than nVidia at one point. I don’t see any notice from The Weather Channel of any upgrades, or Palm for that matter; it may be for the chore to reside with it to make fine and abandon improvements into the DRI driver, for the 8500 and hybrids. I have yet to see a graphics adaptor with sutch acceleration technology, since the 3Dfx Voodoo2 or Banshee, to match the Radeon 8500. Nonetheless, it meets the needs even of modern computing. We all remember the forbearance of stressfull applications, or entertainment limited by the hardware well-below the average eye makes an image anew. I suffer ATI to return the source to its rightful owner of even its unsupported hardware IP, as well as the new, and nVidia too.

    [blockquote][i]oh yeah…. – Posted by Anonymous –
    Sep 22 2006 22:58:27 |
    Nvidia – the only way it can be played ™[/i][/blockquote]

    I stand unscathed from your fiery darts, foul nVidian! Meinen brother in the GNU faith hath spoken! Radeon it is likely; Radeon it shall be; Radeon I due.

    Besides, GoogleFight confirms it! ( )

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Now you see.

    This is the prize ATI users have to pay
    because they choose ATI.
    Now they don’t get support for their older videocards.

    As i allways suggested before:
    Rremove Ati, install NVidia.

    Today, this sentence is more valid than before.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, wtf driver would that be? Until you can post a valid working URL, STFU [TYIA].


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