September 20th, 2006 by Marv

Name/Version: Eggibault 1.2
Summary: Eggibault is a logical game. The goal is to collect all of the fish on each level and get back to your starting point.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Eggibault 1.2 ]

Name/Version: Multiplication Station 1.3
Summary: Multiplication Station will teach your child to add, subtract, and multiply.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Multiplication Station 1.3 ]

Name/Version: Snake 3D 0.9
Summary: Snake3d is a variant of the snake game (or worm game, depends on when you where born). You are a snake in a 3d world trying to eat as many icosahedrons as possible, which makes your tail longer. To make things worse, there are other snakes in the world
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Snake 3D 0.9 ]

Name/Version: TkHearts 0.80
Summary: TkHearts is an clone of the Hearts card game.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ TkHearts 0.80 ]

Name/Version: Tux Math Scrabble 3.0.2
Summary: Tux Math Scrabble is a math version of the popular board game for education. The game challenges young people to construct compound equations and consider multiple abstract possibilities.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Tux Math Scrabble 3.0.2 ]

Name/Version: Yabause 0.7.2
Summary: Yabause is a Sega Saturn emulator under GNU GPL.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Yabause 0.7.2 ]

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