Helherron 2.04

September 8th, 2006 by Marv

Previously a shareware game, Helherron, has been updated to version 2.04. This game is similar in lines to the older Ultimas and Nahlakh games. Changes in this release include:

  • Linux version for i386 processors is also available now
  • Helherron should now work quite a lot faster on slower machines (<500 MHz)
  • Fixed a million bugs, improved stability…
  • A new character class: Shaman. They’re able to cast both Magic and Prayer spells and they’re very good at casting summoning spells.
  • A new skill debuts: Backstabbing.
  • Added some new *great* looking player character images (thanks to Tony Castleberry)
  • Now you can change the image of your player characters (Ctrl+I).
  • Detect skill now detects secret doors (but don’t trust this too much. You are still going to miss most of the secret doors unless you search for them manually).
  • Firing a crossbow no longer requires 8 movement points. 6 is enough.
  • A new quest along with 4 new levels of dungeons.

Screenshots: [ View ]Download: [ Helherron 2.04 ]

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