Enemy Territory; Quake Wars Interview

August 8th, 2006 by Marv

AtomicGamer has posted an interview with id Software’s Kevin Cloud & Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood. Snippet from the interview:

DOOM 3 had per-pixel hit detection, and a lot of people liked that feature. Is that going to be in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars?

Paul Wedgwood: Nope. We had the per-pixel stuff for about the first year and half, and it’s very accurate, and on paper it makes a lot of sense as to why it would be that you’d shoot at somebody and would want to hit [only] the body. But the problem is that there’s actually quite a lot of “negative space” when you look at an animated player that’s running along. So to make the bullets do any worthwhile damage over a fairly decent distance, as with an assault rifle or something, you end up having to increase the power too much, and it ends up feeling random. When a bullet does hit the body it does too much damage and then when it doesn’t hit the body. So we reverted to a traditional “hitbox” approach of having the head, torso and legs, and it really improved the quality of the gameplay at the time. So we stuck with that.

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