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August 4th, 2006 by Crusader

id Software’s annual fan convention,QuakeCon, is underway this weekend, andthere’s already been a fair amount of Linux-related information conveyed.During the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars presentation Thursday evening, id’sKevin Cloud and Splash Damage’sPaul Wedgewood mentioned that there will be a Linux client of the game(this was also reiterated by Cloud today during the id Q&A panel).Wedgewood demonstrated one of the game’s maps (I’ll have a more in-depthwrite-up later) with the help of other id-affiliated developers, where thehuman GDI had to destroy a Strogg contamination facility, with the sameemphasis on varied subgoals that was featured in Wolfenstein: EnemyTerritory.

Speaking of today’s Q&A with id, the question of Linux ports from id’sengine licensees came up during the CEO Todd Hollenshead stated that while id supports Linux because it makes sense for thecompany philosophically and technically, they can only provide licensees withthe Linux source code and hope they have the time/money to use it. It was alsonoted that id maintains an OpenGL and Direct3D renderer for their unannouncedinternal project, and the OpenGL renderer exists to provide support fornon-Windows/Xbox platforms (Tim Willits, id’s lead designer, also noted thattheir dev tools are OpenGL-only). Also, despite statements in the previousyear about Xbox 360 becoming a primary dev platform for id, Kevin Cloudre-affirmed that id is first and foremost a PC game developer.

Finally, Linux ports of the ET:QW editing tools seem unlikely, as it was stated during a modding Q&A for the game that they’re MFC widget-based like previous id editors.

In addition to the new screenshots, there’s also video of the ET:QW presentation up @ (zip download).

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