Quake 4 1.3 Point Release

July 31st, 2006 by TimeDoctor

With added flair, Timothee Besset let us know about Quake 4’s 1.3 point release (c&p follows):

We’ve been working hard and playing harder to bring you the release of version 1.3 for Quake 4. This update includes a host of new and community requested features such as: more agile player movement, weapon balance adjustments, a single ambient light option, improved rendering and cpu peformance and much more. We are also excited to introduce some brand new elements to Quake 4:

  • New gametype – DeadZone
  • New multiplayer weapon – Napalm Launcher
  • 8 new professionally made maps
  • 4 revized maps for additional DeadZone support
  • “Buy” mode server option that allows you to purchase weapons and equipment.

We hope everyone enjoys the new content, features and fixes! For a complete list of changes, please see the README.

The 1.3 update affects pure server and protocol consistency. Therefore, players who update to 1.3 from ANY previous version will only be able to connect and play against other 1.3 users. Save games and demos created on any previous version of the game will not be compatible with the 1.3 update.

The id software website has further details on the new Quake 4 patch, including screenshots of the new maps, and download mirrors.

Download: [ Quake 4 v1.3 Full Patch for Linux ] [ Quake 4 v1.2 to v1.3 Patch for Linux ][ Quake 4 v1.3 Linux SDK ]

7 Responses to “Quake 4 1.3 Point Release”

  1. Anonymous Says:

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Save games and demos created on any previous version of the game will not be compatible with the 1.3 update…

    …does this really mean I cannot continue my journey in single player after I upgraded?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I was able to load a checkpoint just fine from an earlier version.

  4. TTimo Says:

    Like in Doom3, when the format of the save game changes, you can load savegames from the previous versions but they will only set you up at the start of the level, with the weapons/armor/health/ammo setup.

    1.2 network demos can be played in 1.3 ( contrary to what the announcement said )

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone else have a problem with not being able to see through some of the glass windows with the new patch?
    All I see now is a big gray texture, and I know I was able to see through them in the previous version.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Has anyone had problems with SMP support? I tried with 1.2.1 and with SMP on things seem to work (not sure if SMP is actually doing anything to help). With 1.3 it freezes after the level loads or completely crashes out. I only have fake SMP (hyperthreading) but this should work.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Since v1.3 the game refuses to work on my maschine (Athlon 1200). All I get ist:

    signal caught: Illegal instruction
    si_code 2
    Trying to exit gracefully..

    It seems to me this has something to do with missing SSE support.
    With version 1.2 everything runs fine.

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