Project “Survival” to Support Linux

August 3rd, 2006 by micks

Moonstruck Games recently launched their website which features first snippets of information about their upcoming fantasy title, Project “Survival”, an innovative blend of FPS/RPG/RTS if we are to take their word for it. The game will be based on a heavily modified S2 GamesSilverback engine (originally employed in S2 Games’ title Savage: The Battle For Newerth which had a native Linux port itself). Ryan Wanke, Moonstruck Games’ technical director has already stated that there will be a Linux version of “Survival” and it’s being worked on even now.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I cant stand this new trend toward survivial type games in the industry since Diablo. They are 90 percent hacking a stupid enemies or just some repetative tasks instead of actually doing something interesting.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    it doesn’t work with linux crossfire

  3. Kyle Gray Says:


    My name is Kyle Gray, and I am the senior programmer on Project “Survival”.

    I just wanted to state for the record that this game is in no way directly related to Diablo nor are we attempting to clone any game currently in the industry. The idea is to create a blend never seen before, and thus I think you will have a hard time comparing it to any other game on the market.

    The only game that could be considered close to similar is Savage, which is the game originally created with the engine we are using, and it is still vastly different due to the added focus on RPG aspects and changes in the focus of power. For example, there is no longer a commander that controls the team’s technology and build order. Instead, it’s up to the team as a whole to put together buildings, recieve technology and cooperate to destroy the opposing teams, and technology is not recieved from putting together buildings and researching tech lines. Hunting down technology and putting it to use is much more of an adventure, as you will have to go on epic quests to recieve most of it.

    So, before you go and write it off as a cheap knockoff of any other game, take a look at the website.

    As a side note, yes, the game will support Linux without any issues.

    Hopefully we’ll see you in the beta!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    survival’s gonna rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    To: Kyle Gray
    I don’t have much time to play games, but I appreciate your support of Linux games. I plan to help support your company by buying it. I look forward to the beta keep up the good work.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    hi kyle etal..

    This is just a ‘thanks’ to you and your team for giving linux a shot in the proverbial arm by supporting us with your new sounds GREAT I must say….adding the rpg element of having to find what you need, and making it all a ‘team’ effort instead of one commander is definitely a great idea…

    kudos and again thanks !!


  7. Anonymous Says:

    They said they would do a linux client but all I see is macSUX and windos.

    The last thing I heard was oh but we have a linux server is in the works – please don’t pull a we’ll rape linux.

    please don’t “take and take” but “give and take”.

  8. MG_Valkyrie Says:

    Hey guys, this is Richard “Valkyrie”, President of Moonstruck Games. Thank you soo much for all the interest already! You have my word that Linux is every bit as important to us as Windows. The Linux port of the game is being maintained as we progress, as opposed to trying to throw it together at the last minute. So I don’t forsee how there will be any serious issues with the Linux version of the game. There will be content updates etc. on a regular basis so please feel free to come by and register on our site. Thank you again for all the interest and kind words – Valk

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome way to get me interested! I absolutely abhor booting back into Windows and only do so for the very best games. It’s gotten to the point that I usually don’t even watch new games because I simply can’t be bothered.

    The fact that you’ve made Linux a priority is excellent. I’m very much interested in your work now and I will be avidly watching.

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