Driving Game Releases

July 22nd, 2006 by Marv

A couple of driving-oriented game projects have released new versions of their respective creations:Sturmbahnfahrer, which has hit release 1.1, is a simulated obstacle course. This release fixes the issue where a failure of sound initialization is no longer fatal. Also, Automanic, a vehicular deathmatch game, which hopes to become the best of Twisted Metal, Interstate ’76, the Burnout Games, and Carmageddeon, focusing on cross-country carnage, has hit release 0.2. Changes in their release include:

  • Really cool explosions!! (In slow motion! With camera zoom!)
  • Armour system, different cars can have different amounts of armour
  • Damage system. Ramming and shooting cars takes off armour until they blow up
  • 2 different weapons so far.
  • unique vehicles with their own gear settings and default weapon setups.
  • 2 different maps. The carpark has many objects lying around, more weapons, and bumpmapped vehicles. However, it may be slow on your computer.
  • Trolleys, crates and Parked civilian cars to push around in the carpark map. The parked cars also blow up.

Download: [ Sturmbahnfahrer 1.1 ] [ Automanic 0.2]

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  1. peppo Says:

    I only tried Sturmbahnfahrer, but it was great fun! Cool physics. Too bad it was just one level

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