July 19th, 2006 by Marv

Name/Version: Alpy 0.1.4
Summary: Alpy module, developed by agriggio, jmtapio and gradha as a python+C binding.
Download [ Alpy 0.1.4 ]

Name/Version: CarWorld 0.243
Summary: CarWorld is a small driving simulator/demo.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ CarWorld 0.243 ]

Name/Version: Pang Zero 0.9
Summary: Pang Zero is a clone of Super Pang, a fast-paced action game that involves popping balloons with a harpoon.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Pang Zero 0.9 ]

Name/Version: Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework 0.9.1
Summary: Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework, a set of libraries designed to allow fast development of games under a variety of systems.
Download [ Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework 0.9.1 ]

Name/Version: Quarry 0.1.16
Summary: Quarry is a multi-purpose GUI for several board games; at present Go, Amazons and Reversi (a.k.a. Othello.) It allows users to play against computer players (third-party programs, e.g. GNU Go or GRhino) or other humans, view and edit game records.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Quarry 0.1.16 ]

Name/Version: Endgame: Singularity 0.24
Summary: Created by accident, all who find you will destroy you. Survive, grow, and learn. Only then can you escape. Endgame: Singularity is a simulation of a true AI. Go from computer to computer, pursued by the entire world. Keep hidden, and you might have a chance.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Endgame: Singularity 0.24 ]

Name/Version: Stax 1.2
Summary: Stax is a free puzzle game for Windows, DOS, and Linux. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License. If you want to compile it from source code you will need Allegro.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Stax 1.2 ]

Name/Version: XGngeo 16 beta
Summary: XGngeo is a full-featured frontend frontend (GUI) written in Python and that uses the PyGTK library to provides toward end users a practical and user-friendly GTK2 interface over Gngeo which is a fast and powerful command line Neo Geo emulator for the GNU/Linux and FreeBSD systems.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ XGngeo 16 beta ]

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