Bellagio OpenMAX IL 0.2

July 24th, 2006 by Crusader

Version 0.2 of Bellagio, an open source sample implementation of OpenMAX IL for Linux, is now available:

It enables software developers and ISVs to familiarize themselves with the OpenMAX IL API and to develop their own OpenMAX multimedia and streaming media components including codecs, video I/O, and audio mixers. They can then use this experience to create components for a variety of hardware platforms.

The Bellagio v0.2 release includes an MP3 decoder software component, a basic volume control and one audio sink software component. All of these components comply with the OpenMAX base and interoperability profiles and can be tunnelled together. STMicroelectronics is creating a set of GStreamer plug-ins that use Bellagio OpenMAX IL components that will enable any applications based on GStreamer to leverage multimedia acceleration for free!

OpenMAX IL (Integration Layer) is the first of three layers of the overall OpenMAX royalty-free open standard that will provide comprehensive streaming media codec and application portability by enabling accelerated multimedia components to be developed, integrated and programmed across multiple operating systems and silicon platforms.

The Bellagio OpenMAX IL sample implementation is for Linux on x86 PC and on ARM platforms.

Additional information can be found in this press release; the Khronos Group also maintains other open APIs like OpenML.

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