VDrift 2006-07-08

July 16th, 2006 by Crusader

A new build of VDrift (note: site is down at the moment due to hosting issues), an open-source cross-platform driving simulation game with drifting in mind, was made available recently. Changes since the last version:

  • New menu system – works with mouse, keyboard or joystick devices
  • Internationalization support with Belgian translation
  • Lap timing works again
  • New speed-variable steering sensitivity options for joysticks
  • Anisotropic filtering option
  • Lots of new cars and several new tracks
  • Updates to old cars (new textures, better handling)
  • Static track shadows, fixed car shadows
  • Optimized collision detection
  • Updated sounds (improved looping)
  • Updated textures (splash screens, reflections)
  • Smoke particles system is more efficient
  • Track object loading and drawing optimized, so load time is lower and framerates are higher
  • Autopackage built for Linux binary distribution

There are both full data (19 cars, 12 tracks, ~140 MB) or minimal data (3 cars, 2 tracks, ~24 MB) packages available for players.

Screenshots:[ View ] Download: [ VDrift 2006-07-08 ]

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