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July 4th, 2006 by Marv

We have received this press release for the DropTeam Multiplayer Demo: and TBG Software are excited to announce the availability of the DropTeam Multiplayer Demo, the recently released Sci-Fi themed real-time armored vehicle combat simulation. This Demo replaces the currently hosted Dropteam “Public Test” Demo as it contains many new game enhancements and updates.

DropTeam combines accurate physics and ballistic systems, intelligent and realistic unit and weaponry capabilities with fast paced action set in a stark future of humanity. This DropTeam Multiplayer Demo is being offered in three different formats. One for Mac, one for Windows and one for Linux. This marks the first title published by to offer Linux support!

DropTeamT Multiplayer Demo details…

This is a Demo release of DropTeam (download links below). This DropTeam Multiplayer Demo has the following important restrictions:

1. Single player is disabled. You can only play network games with this release. The full version of the game includes single player skirmish games and single player campaign games.

2. This release only allows you to play 1 of the game’s many scenarios. The full version of the game includes 21 scenarios with more available for free download after release. Apart from these restrictions, this is a fully functional release. Players can use all of the dozens of vehicles and deployable items in the game. The included scenario is “Raid”. It takes place on an inhabitable moon called Hopewell. Hopewell orbits a gas giant in the Wolf 9773 star system. Almost half of the moon’s surface, called “The Scorch”, is a radiocative Hell created by the destruction of an antimatter station that used to orbit the gas giant. The remainder of Hopewell has recovered from this disaster and is once again beginning to flourish with vegetation and a growing human population. This DropTeam Multiplayer Demo includes everything needed to connect to servers and play on the Internet or on Local Area Networks on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X Tiger. It also includes everything needed for players to run their own public or private servers.

A stripped down version of the game’s manual is available in PDF format. This abbreviated manual explains everything players need to know about running the game and also what administrators need to know about running their own servers.

DropTeamT Multiplayer Demo Minimum Requirements:
* Geforce4/Radeon 9600 64MB VRAM class video or better
* 512 MB system RAM

* GLIBC version 2.3.4 or higher
* X Windows with working OpenGL acceleration
* ALSA audio

Recommended System:
P4 or G5 CPU
nVidia 6600 or Radeon 9800 class video card

Download: [ DropTeam Multiplayer Demo ]

5 Responses to “DropTeam Multiplayer Demo Press Release”

  1. idsfa Says:

    If your processor does not have SSE, the installer won’t even run, let alone the game.

    $ cat /proc/cpuinfo

  2. tjwhaynes Says:

    If you search through the forums, you’ll find a post from Clay (lead developer) saying that they’ll look into an SSE-free version once they get 1.1 out the door. Version 1.1 should add infantry into the mix.

    If you like mod-able games, this one has huge potential. Pretty much everthing is up for grabs, from the maps, models, weapons, weapon capability. Most information is in XML format. The landscapes are a mixture of raw 16bit heightfield information and normal textures in PNG or similar formats. No attempt has been made to obfuscate any part of the data files – indeed they have started to DOCUMENT the stuff. Take a look at the DropTeam Modding forum on www,

    Toby Haynes

  3. idsfa Says:

    For now, you need SSE.

    (For the record, Clay and I are already in contact (since a week or two back) about testing the non-SSE build when it becomes available …)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    So how does this demo work? Single player is disabled and you can only join Demo servers. There is only one demo server and it is full. So 12 people can only evaluate their game at once?? (I can’t seem to find an option to run a server)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I noticed their included is linked to a weird libslang that was not on my mandriva 2006 install.

    removing the provided libaa and letting it use the system one worked just fine.

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