Quetoo 0.4.0

July 2nd, 2006 by Marv

Fans of Quake II might be interested in the new version of Quetoo, an enhanced Quake II engine. Changes in this long awaited release include:

  • Targa (.tga) support for all game images (status bar pics, crosshairs, player skins, world textures).
  • Mono (white) lightmap interpolation for neutral lighting in pro level play.
  • Zlib compression for server datagrams, saves 20-30% bandwidth during busy games.
  • Explicit model precaching for keeping commonly encountered player models resident in memory.
  • New portable memory allocation subsystem (similar to Quake3’s com_hunkmegs).

They are also taking another project called Retexture. This project aims is to to compilation over 1500 high color textures to rejuvenate your Quake2 experience.

Download: [ Quetoo 0.4.0 ]

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