June 26th, 2006 by Crusader

If you’re interested in programming on the PlayStation3, haslaunched with articles for improving program performance on the Cell BroadbandEngine, the PS3’s CPU architecture.

There are also additionalresources from Sony and IBM we’ve mentioned before.

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  1. sgt_scrub Says:

    [i]Most of the time in the video games, programmers are not doing a standard inverse matrix. It is too expensive. Instead, to inverse a matrix, they consider it as orthonormal and they just do a 3×3 transpose of the rotation part with a dot product for the translation.[/i]

    Wow! I managed to get two sentences into the first article. My eyes glazed over. My head started to overheat. You know. That feeling you get listening to John Carmack “explain stuff”.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    wow, somehow it managed to slip away under my radar, that this new cell chip will have a 64bit core? at least it looks like the spe will be available for use in ps3 linux … now if that damn gl would be accelerated too …

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yah the head of Sony online has a blog on and said the Cell just kicks major ass and is pretty darn fast to boot.

    It has full on physics and the game they are making, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom has skeletons that break apert bone by bone all while splashing in the water. So there are many threads for each physics and graphic routine. Also said something about using the SPU instead of a PPU.

    All in Linux I would guess under good ole OpenGL. All on one chip the cell I would think as well. To bad the PS3 is so darn expensive and doesn’t run Linux out of the box.
    It would be nice to be able to buy a Cell motherboard.

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