No Linux Prey Client

June 26th, 2006 by Crusader

A reader pointed out this forumpost from Human Head’s Brian Karisat the 3D Realms website stating thatPrey, a Doom 3-engine first-person shooter, will nothave a Linux client port:

Yes, that is for the dedicated server. There will be no linux singleplayerport. There just really isn’t any big demand for it.

35 Responses to “No Linux Prey Client”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    If they are too stupid to release a a client they should refrain from releasing the server aswell.. Lamers!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    no big demand for about NAIVE ;))…if they ever DO release one they can just keep it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Although the demo works great in wine I’m not going to pay for this game. There just was no need to tie the engine to windows, it was cross-platform when they got it from id-software :P

  4. Anonymous Says:

    These are entrenched companies all tied to the system anyway. The OLD crumbling system that is.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    just another win for transgaming i guess… there is no doubt transgaming will use this as an opportunity to bolster some sales.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Linux users want everything for free (their explain this by “Linux is Free as Freedom so we want the source for free but off course – as they are bastards – we will pay for it. Damn shit !)

    Let us take a look on Linux Gaming sales : only less than 1 000 Rune Linux boxes were distributed (not sold !). Take a look on the current Gorky 17 sales : very poor, like Northland, or Robin Hood (because they are old games).

    Publishers and developpers are fed up with the Linux community zealots. Only few Linux users use their OS as their main Desktop : others want just to get fun by compiling stuff, others want things for free, others use dual boot to play or to work, and ither don’t give a shit on gaming.

    The future is not bright. Please ask LGP or RuneSoft guys : they will explain you how is this shitty market…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    [i]Linux users want everything for free (their explain this by “Linux is Free as Freedom so we want the source for free but off course – as they are bastards – we will pay for it. Damn shit !)[/i]

    And you’re a complete idiot. I paid for X2, Majestic, UT2003/4 or ID games, knowing there were Linux native clients. As a Linux user, I don’t expect to have these games for free, I just want them as a condition to BUY their game, that’s all.
    Moreover, they should not expect Linux users to use their bandwidth to run servers when they cannot enjoy playing their games.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I’m disappointed, but hardly surprised. Sucks. I would’ve bought a copy! I would have! Wine/Cedega have never worked solidly enough to purchase a title for use with them, in my experience :/

    Not that they care about one lone user.. just wanna play some games, man..

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I was ready to buy it and play it in Wine/Cedega until the Linux client is out.
    But without a Linux client I will simply not buy it. Nor any of theyr games.
    That’s the rule they claim to follow. So do I.

  10. jinko Says:

    I would have to agree judging by the spelling in your post and your comments I would place your IQ somewhere below room temp.

    Thank you for that truely informed opinion now please go troll on the MS forums. Loser…

    For the record I have purchased Doom3, RTCW, Savage2, every Unreal with a linux client SpaceTripper, MutantStorm, Proffessor Fizwizzle, Postal, and several others because they have a Linux client.

    I will not be running a server for these people. Since they refuse to provide a client for me I see absolutely no reason to provide them with my bandwidth.

    The truth is I saw more of the give me something for free attitude when I was using windows. Everyone pirating games passing them around to their friend so they can feel cool. Look on the web and you will find cracks for almost every windows game. I guess that’s because you windows users want to pay for the game, huh?

    Oh, and by the way almost every windows user that I get to try Linux on the desktop won’t switch back to MS.

    Glad to hear you think so poorly of us now why were you on a Linux gaming site again? Loser…

  11. Anonymous Says:

    my ass

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I tried the demo under Cedega and it worked pretty well… In fact, better than Doom3 did previously. It has near-native framerates. I still support Cedega so that the games I have will get better (which slowly they have) but I’m done buying games for Windows… This is a great game and its a shame that I won’t be able to play it now.

    I host a Linux Postal 2 server (Redrum’s House of Pain) and a Quake2 Server (, and both of these because they have Native Clients…

    My P2 server is probably one of 15 or so that are up 24 / 7, so RWS realises the importance of making Linux clients, since my guess is probably 20 percent of their full-time servers are Linux-based, and for certain at least 1 of them wouldn’t be on if there wasn’t a linux client.

    Back in the day (haha, I always wanted to say that), I was one of 3 Shogo MAD servers that was up 24 / 7 and the only non-official server out there for quite some time… Shogo might have been a flop on linux, but wihout it there would have been fewer servers, so that probably meant at least something. I abandoned hosting that server when interest waned.

    I was thinking of dropping the q2 server (don’t worry, there are plenty) and setting up a Prey server once it came out, but now I will refrain… Oh well.. Just means they’ll have to supply more servers themselves. This isn’t a boycott, mind you, its just a simple reaction to an action. Maybe they’ll care, and maybe not, but the facts are that I simply cannot see the purpose of hosting something I’m not allowed to play.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I hate seeing the “community” go all haywire everytime some game doesn’t fly on the platform. It’s just a game. And more than that it will be forgotten in a few months when the next big thing comes along. It should have occured to the Linux gaming community by now that if you are on the “hardcore” end of the gaming spectrum then Linux is not where you want to be. I play what I can on Linux and if I really want to play something that doesn’t come to Linux, that’s what Windows is for.

    As for the assertation that I hear every time a game comes out with a Linux dedictated server but no client about how the “community” will not give up bandwidth to games they cannot play: take a gander at Valve’s server list. I’d say a good 75% of the multiplayer servers that are running to support Valve’s games are running on Linux and there are a crapload of servers. All that with nary a Linux client in sight. So I’d have to surmise that the game companies do not need your bandwidth.

    Be happy with what you can get and thank the Gods that people like Ryan Gordon are out there pushing the cause for alternative platforms.

  14. crossmr Says:

    I think this needs to be the motto of companies. Linux has proven itself to be a viable platform for games to run on. Gamers will play it if they’re there. The industry needs to look at shorter turn around times on getting a game to Linux as well. Its nice that some games get ported, but 3 or 4 or more years later doesn’t help the cause. Most people who are interested in it already played it.

  15. Trizt Says:

    Once more a dedicated server for linux wihout a client, even if microsoft is a bad environment for server tasks of this kind, I think they should onlymake servers for microsoft if they don’t release a client for other platforms.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with this. I only use Windows as a glorified X Box system. Seems that is all Windows is good for.

    It runs GREAT on Cedega if you want to do that.

    Someday, when Gates is gone, and Ballmer gets fired and MS is on the brink of bankruptcy because they can’t release anything that hasn’t been released already and the world starts to see that, you will see a change.

    Just hang in there… It WILL happen…

  17. Anonymous Says:

    It runs (I mean… sound, music, gfx.. everything)
    on raw WINE from GIT/master. Just an OpenGl game…

    I’m sure they check that it just works :P (ah.. it installs without a problem too)

  18. Fooka Says:

    yah, no wonder there’s no demand.. I mean how many times does an idea have to not be original?? Since the Wolfenstein 3d engine was released, i mean that started it all, the end of creativity in videogames came with those engines.. Of [i]course[/i] there’s no demand!

    Give me Neverwinter Nights 2 for linux. Give me World of Warcraft for Linux. Give me Savage2 and Dropship.. Hell, give me X3: reunion for linux. Give me games with depth, with character, extensibility, meat on the bones..

    Another Doom*/quake* based FPS? no thanks..

    Pick your battles linux0rs.. this isn’t one of them.


  19. Anonymous Says:

    There was a native World of Warcraft binary in beta for 1 release. I bet there is a developer playing in Linux right now with it, but if it means 1 more support phone call to Blizzard, it can’t be released.

    Perhaps we should all call with problems in Wine…

  20. Anonymous Says:

    “There was a native World of Warcraft binary in beta for 1 release”

    These Arses…
    They should just release it without support.

    BTW: I never saw a game in a shop which was ONLY for linux. so NOBODY can now how much linux-gamers are out there and how much money they are able to spend for linux-games.

    they will spend as much as if they had windows, of course.

    and if you think, that 5-10% of all PCs run under linux, than you can see a HUGE market worldwide.

    And perhaps you can sell more copies in linux than in windows, because in windows you have 1000+ products like yours.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    It’s just unfair…

  22. Anonymous Says:

    WoW Linux client.
    Post made by Mooseman about 1/2 way down the page.

    makes you wonder if they just don’t care or are supported (paid/bribed) not to care…

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Seeing as Sam Lantinga (creator of SDL and former Loki programmer) works at Blizzard now, I am not the slightest bit surprised that there is an internal Linux client for WoW. And given Blizzard’s dismissal of Linux in the past I am not the slightest bit surprised that they wont release it to the public.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    What strikes me most is that the engine used in Prey IS running on linux, mac and windows. Why do those people deceided to only use 1/3 of the engine and forget about other systems then windows? Maybe those guys are just lazy or do think they will not get enough money out if they ship a linux and mac engine for their game. I’m very very disapointed by this. I was looking forward for Prey to have an other cool game to install on my linux computer.

    From reading the 3dreals forum it seems this is final so i guess this one here is also final:
    I buy cool games that run on the computer setup i see fit for my self and as this game will not run on my linux computer i will not buy it!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I wont buy it unless they release it with native linux support. Else, lets get it from the net and play it with Cedega :p.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Reason I havn’t bought a linux game?
    I can’t get them…

    In New Zealand, I cant find a single place that stocks them.

    If, game publishers, were to put say, one linux game box per ten windows game boxes in the shops, I would imagine that the linux boxes would definatly sell.
    No-one knows, because no-one has tried!!!
    Or even go risk free and make the linux boxed game have the windows client in it, put change the marketing on it to give the impression that it is linux only!
    Worth a try?

  27. GuitarPlayer Says:

    Google Search…

    Results 1 – 10 of about 151,000,000 for Linux Games.

    150m hits for linux games, and the publishers say there is no market?!?.. Yeah Yeah, I know, its not all that scientific.

    “Playstation Games” returns 180m hits. The comparison alone at least says something of the interest in linux games.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    There is a poll here…

  29. Anonymous Says:

    After hearing that a perfectly portable Linux Client is plausable. and they say it is not plausable. I say Get people together and create a jaw dropping game, give it major publicity and screenshots, videos etc. then while everyone is drooling about the game. then publish the release for 30 dollars a game. then just say, “A Windows Client port is not possible.” However here is the server binaries so you can host the game.

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