June 24th, 2006 by Marv

Name/Version: Enemy Lines 6 1.1
Summary: You are a damaged alien spy probe. With visual systems malfunctioning all you have left for navigation is some particle detector. You have to reach your pickup zone before system failure. Basically you have to navigate through a 3d environment in first person view while the only thing you see are a few dots of the walls here and there. Don’t bump into the walls too often – you can’t take much more.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Enemy Lines 6 1.1 ]

Name/Version: rbCave Beta 3
Summary: rbCave is a clone of the PalmOS game SFCave. The player has to guide a “ship” through a cave that gets smaller as time passes.
Download [ rbCave Beta 3 ]

Name/Version: RedShift 0.1.0
Summary: RedShift is an the open source flight simulator. It aims to eventually support realistic civilian and military flight as well as multiplayer capabilities.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ RedShift 0.1.0 ]

Name/Version: Rescue! Max Beta 2
Summary: Rescue Max is a Action Adventure in Space written in java. It is based on a old mac game called Rescue! by Tom Spreen.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Rescue! Max Beta 2 ]

Name/Version: Tavli3d 0.3.4
Summary: Tavli3d is the Greek version of backgammon.It consists of three games: portes (similar to Backgammon), plakoto (a game of pinning instead of hitting) and fevga (a game where no hitting occurs). It is written in OpenGL/SDL with fun and simplicity in mind.
Download [ Tavli3d 0.3.4 ]

Name/Version: Warp Rogue 0.6.1
Summary: Warp Rogue is a gothic science fantasy roguelike game. It is based on pen and paper RPGs and features complex game mechanics and a consistent theme.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Warp Rogue 0.6.1 ]

Name/Version: Yet Another Dungeon-game
Summary: Yet Another Dungeon-game is a maze game that aspires to be a RPG/
Download [ Yet Another Dungeon-game ]

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