Wurm Online Gone Gold

June 12th, 2006 by Crusader

Wurm Online, a Java-based MMORPG focused on community-created content, has gone gold. Moreover, version 2.1.0 of the game client has been released, which adds LWJGL support. There’s also a WurmPedia Wikiwith documentation and common bug solutions; additional info can be found atthe official forums. Additional information regarding account types (guest, basic, and premium) can be found here.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Has anyone actually played the game? The graphics seem kind of basic, but maybe the gameplay is good? There’s very little about what exactly the game plays like to be found on the website.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think that was the game. Depending on what screenshot you see last, the game-ending changes.

    I got like .5 frames per second.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The game is lots of fun to play, in a way. They are having a few problems with framerates on the new client (mainly an ATI problem)

    However the game can still be very dull, it is mostly a game to meet up with friends and have fun with. Actually ‘PLAYING’ the game is about as fun as watching paint dry, to do anything takes forever if you are alone, but in a group things go up very fast.

  4. Dream Master Says:


    I am a player of Wurm Online, infact I am an elder of the city you have pictured above, and I will try to tell you a bit about Wurm Online.

    It is not like Runescape or any of your run of the mill MMORPG games. In Wurm Online, you start out with the very basics and must build a homestead, village, city, or whatever type of settlement you and your friends want. If you even desire to build. You could be a nomad if you like.
    It is not a game where you can easily go out and live on your own. Collaboration between friends is very important for survival.
    This is not a game where you try to build up quickly to reach a specific goal. You start with practically nothing and must work your way through the game.
    There are numerous jobs to do in Wurm Online including, fishing, mining, cooking, carpentry, and other basics, as well as many not so basic jobs. The smithing is broken down into categories and each type of smithing, from regular blacksmith work to armor smithing and jewelsmithing is very complicated process that takes real dedication to do well. The actual list of possible jobs in Wurm Online are too numerous to list.
    There is also the hunting aspect. Welcome to the bottom of the food chain! That should nearly be the motto of Wurm Online, as nearly every creature in the game consideres you a quick snack. Yes there are dragons in Wurm Online, and if you meet one it will gladly give you a free trip back to the starting point right after it finishes eating you.

    While this is a very challenging game, it is also immense fun. Working together with others to accomplish a goal in Wurm Online is a truly enjoyable experience. Building a guard tower by yourself is a daunting task, but get a few friends together and it actually becomes an enjoyable task.
    Wurm Online is continually evolving with new textures, models, options, physics, items, and challenges.
    A lot of the current graphics in Wurm Online are spectacular. If you can manage to ascend a mountain and look around, the view is absolutely magnificent.
    I know people tend to not like the graphics right now because of lack of animation. Animation is an upcoming addition as the Wurm Online staff continues to improve their models.
    The lands of Wurm Online are huge, you can travel for days and not meet another person in local range. Plus there is now more than one server to play on. You can walk or swim to each server where there is a new playable landmass.

    This is not a quick game, you must be willing to take your time and enjoy this kingdom simulation. There is combat and war in this game, but mainly on the Wild server. Depending on the size of a city, a siege could last days or even weeks if the defenses are well thought out.

    While a lot of people are having problems playing Wurm Online on ATI video cards, it is well worth the effort to get it running. I currently get around 30 to 32 FPS on my nVidia FX5900 ultra. There are a number of game options to try in order to improve performance. The Developers of Wurm Online are continually improving the game client and will have all these issues worked out given time.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This game is just amazing for how it is developed.

    99.9% of the game is player made. This is the only online game that has real dynamic fuzzy cloud shadowing and landscape shadowing. IE: on a partly cloudy a day a cloud passes under the sun, it will cast a shadow around the ground. Hills obstruct the sun casting a soft shadow as well.

    You can DIG! Dig holes, displace the dirt, mine into rock creating your own tunnels looking for iron deposits!

    This is the most interactive game Ive ever played. 10/10 from me.

    If you like WoW or fast paced games, you wont like this. However if you like to sink your teeth into a nice big book, or if you like developing things, this game is for you.

    You can even build your own house, Plank by plank!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    This game deffinaltly takes a steady mind and a strong will..

    At first looks the game is rustic and a little “boring” but the more into it you get the better it gets.

    The Frame rate is not a problem anymore unless of course you have a decrepid old computer or suffer the ATI bug some of the users are facing.

    As a BETA tester and current Premium player i highly recommend it to anyone who would have ever loved to build their own fort for a war in any other game… this one you can.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The REAL voxal/shader clouds, shadows and sun in the game are very nice.
    No major stories or quests it seems as I played as guest but the sandboxing seems perfect as you get total access to every single object in the game like the original Ultima games but better.
    I think online games should put stories in premade though, why rely totally on amateur players to create all the missions. Usually ends up being a dryer experience.

    There are still major bad things like no model animations and the characters float over the ground, plus no bump mapping it seems which could really make the game look unbelievable and less flat. Also my shadows weren’t working and the game needs more artists as there are still some odd art anomalies like the grass seems too green at a distance.

    It’s 5 dollars a month and closed source but still works on Linux in Java. It’s kind of an open source games since you pretty much create the world on the fly.

  8. karrskarr Says:

    Wurm is a great game to be creative,and to lose yourself in. Unfortunately there is no internal help section, just a Wikipedia to find out to do things. The general populace will help out thru various chat channels also. there are 2 servers- one for the not so faint of heart called the Wild server, and the beginner’s server called Home. It is well worth investigating this game and the Developers along with the GM’s are quick to try and solve any problems. The graphics are good but lack animations as in other games, but once you are involved in creating your world around you by yourself or with others, you will not even notice.

  9. Anonymous Says:


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