Quake 4 1.2.1

April 28th, 2006 by Marv

id Software has released an update to the Linux binaries for Quake 4. This version is fully compatible with the previous v1.2 build. The major new feature is the addition of SMP renderer acceleration; other fixes include:

  • no longer using SDL_ListModes to filter available resolutions ( use +set r_useSDLModes to re-enable, SDL_ListModes returns way too little of the possible resolutions )
  • fix stalls that may happen with DNS resolution ( Linux bug only )
  • fix a download bug: if the server is configured with some of the fs_*path cvars having a trailing slash, they might cut one character when returning download URLs.

Download: [ Quake4 1.2.1 | id Torrent ]

3 Responses to “Quake 4 1.2.1”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    so does this release add smp support for linux?

  2. r00b Says:

    I’m not able to play when Im not connected to the internet, it just will just stay at initializing menues. Anyone else?

  3. Anonymous Says:

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